Santa Claus Mason Jar Cosy

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute coffee cup cosies, in particular this Santa coffee cup cosy on Frogging Along. I thought it was so cute and naturally felt inspired to crochet a mason jar version! Santa Claus Mason Jar Cosy For this project I’m using my go-to mason jar cosy crochet pattern to make this […]

Crochet Frankenstein Monster Mason Jar Cosy

During one of our walks this weekend, Jay and I noticed pumpkins, spooky lawn decorations, so many beautiful orange leaves on the ground, and a cloudy, chilling haze overhead. Halloween was definitely in the air on Sunday afternoon. It was a little cold so to make our nature walk that much better I decided to grab […]

Mason Jar Bear Cosy

Isn’t it amazing when you discover something so cleverly awesome? That’s what I thought when I came across the genius idea to use a mason jar with a blender. I’ve been using the 500ml jars so I’m not sure if other jars work but basically you just screw the blade portion onto the jar and […]