Flower Ring

Like many people out there, I enjoy fashion accessories – admiring them and of course wearing them. And although I don’t often wear jewelry, when I do it’s gotta be different and funky. Recently I was going through my accessories and realized I haven’t added anything to my collection in a long time. I wanted to make something summery and pretty so I made a flower ring!

Pretty Crochet Flower Ring - Pops de Milk

I found this super simple pattern for a rose at Happy Berry Crochet. And inside my jewelry box I found a cheapo ring that had at some point lost its faux diamond.

I used a size 2.50mm crochet hook and DK [#3] yarn (unfortunately the yarn I used did not have a label but it feels like a cotton/acrylic blend).

After crocheting a rose and attaching it to two crochet leaves, I wrapped and stitched around the ring to create my newest fashion accessory. So in love with it 🙂

Pretty Crochet Flower Ring - Pops de Milk
Pretty Crochet Flower Ring - Pops de Milk

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