WIP Wednesday – The Clothing Edition

You know how when you finish a serious project, the kind that challenges your creativity and time management skills, and when it’s over you remember the WIPs that kept piling up in your absence? That’s what happened to me after I finished the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. Suddenly I had all this extra time and I wondered, “What am I going to do now?” Then I looked at the mess of unfinished projects, most of which are clothing! Funny how I’ve gone from amigurumi to crochet apparel…

WIP Wednesday - The Clothing Edition

July socks – I finished one so far and I’m slightly worried the second one will overlap into August. Then again I did have to rip nearly half of it when I found the heel/ankle opening too tight for my big feet. You’ll notice the foot part is quite narrow and long. With a bit of wriggling I can fit into the sock but for the second one I’m going to add a few stitches to the toe.

One sock done - Pops de Milk

Lace crochet top – This top has been in a corner for a while because I’m contemplating its future. The first part is done but the second piece is tiny! I’m not sure what happened when I started on the second piece, maybe I didn’t make enough foundation stitches or I used a smaller hook or a tighter tension. The point is that it’s so much smaller than the first. I’m not ready to take it apart and restart because I can still make this happen – I’ll just add side panels or something…

lace top wip 1 - pops de milk

lace top wip 2 - pops de milk

Summer beanie – This beanie pattern was actually done months ago and I never did a quality check or took photos as I made it (it was a gift for my sister’s boyfriend and I was on a tight schedule). Now I’m making another beanie and taking photos.

summer beanie wip - pops de milk

Lacy dress – Remember when I did a clean up of my WIPs? You may have noticed a lacy-looking project in the centre. It’s a dress I’ve been working on for over a year. It’s very time-consuming (it’s a dress!!) and I didn’t know how I would wear it once it was done. I went shopping recently and randomly found a nude dress slip thing (seriously, what is it called?). This was the kind of inspirational push I needed to pick up the dress and continue. Just look at how awesome it’s looking!

lacy dress wip - pops de milk

I keep telling myself not to add anymore projects until these are finished but will I actually follow my own advice?

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