WIP Wednesday

April Socks

A few rounds into the leg of the sock pattern I began to get bored of the seemingly endless single crochet stitches. I was on the train home from work and after one such round, I went off track and started doing something different. I added gaps into the fabric. I guess you might say these were gaps to break the monotony of straight up single crochet. Everything was going fine until I tried on the sock and was barely able to fit it over my heel.

I believe the problem is that I’m using a finer yarn than what the pattern calls for, even though they are the same weight. Or maybe my tension is too tight. In either case, I had to unravel my work and add more rows to the cuff, which means more stitches in each round. With a bit of trial and error I made it to the heel flap and heel turn and now I’m making my way through the foot. And of course, I forgot to change the colour in the heel like I had planned but I really don’t want to go back and do it over. Ever feel like you just want to get something over with?

April socks

Crochet Thread Mandala

This mandala (or doily, really) is becoming a real pain. I’ve been working on it since January and it feels like there is still no end in sight. What’s keeping me from finishing? Working with crochet thread and lace projects, like the lace top I clearly haven’t worked on, is a challenge. It takes a lot of time to complete one round and at the end of each round I realize it’s taken me almost an hour to do! But I promise that this lace doily will be finished…some day.

Crochet thread mandala doily

Secret Crochet Project

Okay, so I can’t tell you much or show you anything but I will say that it’s Star Wars related! And I will also say that the design process has been difficult and extremely challenging but I believe I have figured out the bulk of the design and now I just need to, smooth out the design wrinkles, crochet the secret project, and remember to write down the pattern.

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