WIP Wednesday

A few Christmases ago, using my novice crochet skills, I worked up several pairs of slippers for both my sisters and my parents. Let me tell you, if you want to practice crochet and get really good at making slippers, make a whole bunch of them for your friends and family – they will love you for it. Anywho, years later, the slippers I gave Middle Sister Gisell have holes big enough that my mom crocheted little patches to cover them up like yarn pot hole fillings. Gisell has, for the longest time, been asking me to replace the slippers and I even bought the yarn over half a year ago.  But it has taken me several months to get myself together and actually start the damn slippers. Finally that time has come. Using my newly honed slipper-making skills (thanks to all the trial and error I went through for the Creature Feetures book designs) I am coming up with a cozy and snug slipper sock. I will also be making felted soles like I did for the boot slippers I made for Jason.

R2 Thick Slipper Socks - Pops de Milk
R4-21 Thick Slipper Socks - Pops de Milk

For the yarn, I am using Lion’s Pride Woolspun and it is absolutely lovely to work with – so squishy and soft, yet thick and warm. Best of all, it works up so quickly and I’ll be finished in no time!

Other Projects:

Tomorrow will be International Coffee Day and I really REALLY want to have this travel cup cosy done but so far I’ve been having some issues with it. At first it was the pixel design – you’ll see in the second photo how awful it looks. It went from this:

Coffee Cup Cosy - Pops de Milk

…to this:

Coffee Cup Cosy - Pops de Milk

And this is what it’s at now. I like it but now the problem is that it’s way too small to fit around a coffee container. Will try using a larger hook. At least it actually looks like a cup now.

Coffee Cup Cosy - Pops de Milk

I’m very behind on The Crochet Crowd’s mystery amigurumi CAL but gosh darn it, I will finish it! Also, I still don’t know what it is so I’ve been avoiding the recent posts with the clues.

Crochet Crowd Amigurumi CAL - Pops de Milk

Yep, still working on the yin yang shawl. Doesn’t look like I’ve advanced much and that’s because I made a mistake and had to go back and redo several rows. Knit happens.

Yin Yang Shawl - Pops de Milk


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