WIP – April Socks

After the astonishing success of my March socks, I made a solid decision to continue crocheting a pair of socks each month. It’s a very daunting decision and I am still questioning it myself – I’m either doubtful of my skills or overly ambitious, there’s no happy medium. But the choice has been made and the inspiration coming from Squirrel Picnic is keeping me motivated.

For the month of April I’m using a very soft, fingering weight, wool yarn. I had originally purchased this yarn a few years ago when I was convinced I would become an expert knitter (and not a crocheter). At the time, my greatest achievement had been a lovely knitted wool vest that I gave to Jason for Christmas. I felt that making something so time-consuming, yet rewarding, was an indication that I would be knitting lots and lots of things. So I bought yarn to make this pair of socks on Purlbee. Overly ambitious for a beginner knitter. As you can imagine, the yarn was stashed away for a long time until I used some of it on my fancy crochet bolero. I’m very happy that I can finally use the yarn on a pair of socks!

Grey yarn ball

To add a little splash of contrast, for the heel and toe I’m using a different yarn – this is a mystery, DK(?) weight yarn that I believe is a cotton blend. It’s the same yarn I used for this flower ring.

Green yarn ball

sock yarn

I was so happy with the pattern I used last month that I figured Yarnspirations would have another sock pattern I could follow, so I’m using this basic sock pattern. This pattern is worked from the cuff down to the toe whereas the last pattern was the reverse. Let’s see how this one turns out!

crochet sock cuff

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