That’s right, it’s a beer cozy

The other night I was plagued by a very uncomfortable and frustrating dilemma.

The culprit:

Of course everyone loves a good, thoroughly chilled beer, like, so thorough there are frozen bits. This is ideal during summer months when you’ll do anything to keep cool. But it’s no longer summer and the last thing I want is to keep cool. Not only that but I have bad circulation and my hands get cold very easily. I can almost hear other ladies out there saying, “Oh my god, me too!”

Nevertheless, a cold beer, in the coldest of months, is still a good thing. It’s just your extremities that need the warmth.

Anyway, I was sipping away at my deliciously cold bottle of beer while wiping my hands from the condensation and then clenching them in an effort to keep the warmth from escaping when I had a sudden thought. No, I did not think to pour the beer into a glass because that would just add to the dirty dishes and besides, I’d still have to touch the cold glass. Instead, I thought, “Maybe I should make a cozy…for the bottle.”

Yes, I could buy one of those fancy beer cooler insulation things but, this is more about keeping the hands warm. Also, dressing the beer bottle up a bit seemed like a good idea hehe.

What? Even beer bottles need clothing.

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