Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower – CAL

Over the past four weeks I’ve been taking part in the Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower CAL (crochet along) hosted by Jennifer at Squirrel Picnic. It’s been so fun and I’ve learned that CALs are such a great way to get things done. I honestly don’t think I would be completing this project this quickly if I were doing it on my own. So I wanted to share with you two things: 1) the first part of the flower and 2) that CALs are truly a motivational force. If you’ve never joined a CAL I strongly recommend it – you know those socks I’ve been working on? Yeah, it helps when others are doing it along with you. And if you’re looking for a beautiful and unique flower pillow I, again, strongly recommend Jennifer’s Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower, which can be found in her book The Big Acorn Race.

week 4

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