Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

I don’t remember when I first started using crochet dishcloths but I haven’t gone back to disposable scrubs since. I absolutely love using crochet dishcloths. Aside from being able to reuse them again and again, they work up such a great, soapy lather and are perfect for surfaces that require gentler cleaning. Of course, they […]

Coffee Cup Cosy

It’s International Coffee Day! This means I’ll most likely be drinking coffee all day! Yay! Or maybe I’ve already had enough… Coffee Cup Cosy Finished cosy fits most coffee shop cups like a tall StarbucksĀ cup. Pattern is easily adjustable to fit different sizes, just increase/decrease row stitches to get the right measurement. Materials -worsted weight […]

Crochet Tshirt Yarn Bowl - Pops de Milk

Crochet Tshirt Yarn Bowl

At any given time you’ll find an assortment of items on our coffee table: yarn, crochet hooks, remote controls, game controllers, books, etc. I don’t mind the clutter, usually, but some times I go on a cleaning frenzy and literally flip the table upside down (after I remove the more fragile objects of course). When […]

Polar Bear Paws - Pops de Milk

Polar Bear Hot Paws

Whenever anyone asks what I’m currently working on I can usually give them a straightforward answer: a blanket, a scarf, an amigurumi cactus. Sometimes it’s not as easy as in the case of the Polar Bear Hot Paws (or microwave oven mitts). Before I had even started to crochet this project a few people asked […]