Crochet Bacon Blanket

In the history of the world, few foods have come close to ranking higher in preference than bacon – at least that’s the impression I get when I’ve gone to breakfast buffets and all the bacon is gone. Even when I’ve tried going on a strict vegetarian diet, I’ve found ways to make bacon out […]

Crochet Tshirt Yarn Bowl - Pops de Milk

Crochet Tshirt Yarn Bowl

At any given time you’ll find an assortment of items on our coffee table: yarn, crochet hooks, remote controls, game controllers, books, etc. I don’t mind the clutter, usually, but some times I go on a cleaning frenzy and literally flip the table upside down (after I remove the more fragile objects of course). When […]

Hashtag Blanket – Joining Squares

After making all the squares for this blanket it’s finally time to join them together! So exciting! Okay, let’s begin: I like to use a standing stitch to begin but you can also start by making a sl st and chaining 3 (this will count as a dc). Start by taking 2 to 4 squares […]

Crochet Mandala Mug Rug

When I started making these mandalas I wasn’t thinking about the mandala wall art project (which is still a work in progress!) but I thought these small mandalas would make beautiful coasters. Then I had another idea come to me one morning at breakfast. I was taking my mug of coffee to my desk along […]