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Comfy Crochet House Coat

I’ve decided. The cardigan/robe/kimono I’ve been working on is now a crochet comfy house coat. I wear it when the weather gets a little chilly or when I just want to feel cosy but not overheated. With its cotton-y softness this house coat is perfect. Comfy Crochet House Coat Like I mentioned in the first […]

Crochet Frankenstein Monster Mason Jar Cosy

During one of our walks this weekend, Jay and I noticed pumpkins, spooky lawn decorations, so many beautiful orange leaves on the ground, and a cloudy, chilling haze overhead. Halloween was definitely in the air on Sunday afternoon. It was a little cold so to make our nature walk that much betterĀ I decided to grab […]

End of Summer Leg Warmers

September is flying by and I’m trying my best to hold on! I’ve been crocheting away, making as much as I can for the Etsy: Made in Canada craft show, and thinking of ways to display my booth. Last week my Death Star pillow made it on George Takei’s Facebook page. Needless to say, I […]

Crochet Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy

Slowly, my collection of mason jar cozies is growing. Ultimately I’d love to have a set of 4-6 cozies and as of last night I decided there would be a theme to the set. Seeing as I already have a bear and a fox I thought I would continue with the woodland creatures theme and […]