5 Turkeys You Don’t Have To Cook

It’s been over a month since Canadian Thanksgiving, which means I’m no longer sick of eating turkey, in fact after finding these crochet gems I am craving turkey. I’m very tempted to celebrate Thanksgiving again just to cook a giant bird with all the fixings. If you are celebrating and you don’t feel like cleaning, […]

Crochet Mandala Mug Rug

When I started making these mandalas I wasn’t thinking about the mandala wall art project (which is still a work in progress!) but I thought these small mandalas would make beautiful coasters. Then I had another idea come to me one morning at breakfast. I was taking my mug of coffee to my desk along […]

Summerlicious Crochet Coasters

It was brought to my attention by my very responsive body that I wasn’t drinking enough water or hydrating liquids. I would usually start my day with a glass of water before my two cups of wonderful, delicious coffee. And that was pretty much it until noon. In the afternoon I would have another glass […]