Crochet Goron Mask Bag

Little Sister Sue, upon seeing my Boba Fett bag, immediately requested that I make her a bag of a Goron from Zelda. Without thinking too much about it I agreed and a few days later did a quick Google search of Goron masks. I never really got into playing Zelda, though I did try and […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Crochet Headbands

It was during Little Sister Sue’s birthday in January that Jay and I had the pleasure of meeting a very lovely couple (we’ll call them Bob and Gail) who are into board games, video games, and other nerdy, geeky things. As we shared interests and pub food, my blog and crochet came up. Like a […]

Crochet Shark Pin

I’m sure by now you are aware of my fascination with sea creatures and that I’ll most likely continue making them. So it’s no surprise that I made a crochet shark pin: Shark Week starts on Sunday and, being a shark lover (though still scared of them), I decided to make a cute little pin. […]

Crochet Sandal Earrings

A while back I purchased a package of earring hooks, hoping to make lots and lots of earrings. As it usually happens with random craft purchases, the hooks ended up in the back of a craft drawer, forgotten. I even bought a second pack because I was convinced I didn’t have any earring hooks! Recently […]