Crochet Bear Mug Cosy

We’ve been cooped up at home for a couple of weeks, self-isolating and doing our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. I know this is challenging for many of us, being at home all day. I’m fortunate that my day job allows me to work from home and occupy my time during the day, […]

Crochet Mandala Vest

For the longest time I have been intrigued by circular crochet vests. I’ve seen them on Pinterest and Instagram and they looked so intricate and beautiful and I wondered if I could ever make one. This was also how I felt about mandalas in general until I finally made one. Once I discovered how rewarding […]

Love+Leche Lotion Bar Review

Little Bee Lotion Bars from Love + Leche : Review

I’m a huge fan of natural products, especially the kind that goes on my skin. As a crafter I put my hands through a lot of work. Like, a lot. I am constantly handling yarn made from natural and synthetic fibres and after a while I can feel my skin starts to feel chapped. When […]

Crochet Bacon Blanket

In the history of the world, few foods have come close to ranking higher in preference than bacon – at least that’s the impression I get when I’ve gone to breakfast buffets and all the bacon is gone. Even when I’ve tried going on a strict vegetarian diet, I’ve found ways to make bacon out […]