Happy Mother’s Day!

Just over a month ago my mom moved back to Nicaragua but before she left she got rid of a lot of things. Among all the clothing and books and random kitsch (I am the happy owner of Matryoshkas, whimsical pencil sharpeners, and a pumpkin-shaped candy dish, among other things) my mom gave me things she knew I would appreciate. I left her soon-to-be vacated apartment with several bags full of “stuff”. I moaned and groaned all the way home on the subway, griping about having to carry all this heavy load.

But once I got home and started going through the bags I felt like an explorer opening a treasure chest of crafting booty. I didn’t know where to look first, what to touch first – to me, everything was new and shiny and special. I was so thrilled with the sewing and crochet supplies and notions, including a cute bear pin cushion, haha. I even got a photo of my mom at 20, learning how to knit!

Mothers day 1 - Pops de MilkMothers day 5 - Pops de Milk

When the initial surprise started to wear off it began to dawn on me that I come from a line of crafty women! Among the yarn and thread, there were finished projects and works in progress. My great grandmother embroidered a pillowcase with my grand aunt’s initials on it. My grandmother embroidered dainty flowers and leaves on napkins. My mom crocheted intricate doilies. Just look at the lovely handiwork.

Mothers day 4 - Pops de Milk Mothers day 3 - Pops de Milk Mothers day 2 - Pops de Milk

It would be an understatement to say I felt pride in belonging to this group of creative of women. I also felt immensely grateful to my mom for always encouraging me to be creative and for being patient when trying to show me how to crochet (the first time she showed me how to make a simple double crochet circle I was 12 and I was SO NOT INTO CROCHET).

Thank you mom for all the love, care, and creative wisdom and inspiration you passed down to me. Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. I love to see crafts created by ancestors! Before my grandmother passed she asked me to take her crochet and knitting boxes home; it was so nice to finish off some of her WIPs and now when I use her needles I think of her as I craft.

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