DIY Star Tree Topper – Christmas Yarn Bomb

You know what I love? Last minute, quick and easy projects! Projects like this DIY star tree topper I cooked up after Jason pointed out (for the 3rd time) how dark the star on the Christmas tree looked. He kept saying it was black but I kept insisting it was a dark-ish metal color, or something. But I agreed, it was very dark and hard to see especially against the darkened patio door. I purchased the star at the dollar store thinking, “That’ll do.” But once it was up on the tree, it only looked okay during the day and at night it was barely visible.

This Christmas tree star topper took less than an hour to make and only required yarn, double sided tape and the star topper of course.

To make the star I simply used bits of double sided tape – mainly because I was too lazy to bring out my glue gun – to keep the yarn strand in place as I wound it around each of the arms (arms? legs? star points?) and lastly around the middle. I also used bits of double sided tape on the tips to keep the yarn from unravelling.

DIY Star Tree Topper


  • yarn in a medium to heavy weight, such as worsted weight (4) Phentex acrylic in Sol
  • Double sided tape or a glue gun if you prefer
  • a star you would like to yarn bomb

Step 1: Place double sided tape at the base of one of the appendages and along the sides to the tip and begin to wind the yarn.

Step 2: When you reach the tip, wind back down toward the base, then, without cutting the yarn, repeat on the the next arm and so on.

Step 3: Once you’ve got all 5 legs covered in yarn, it’s time to tackle the center. Use more double sided tape to help keep the yarn in place as you evenly wrap the yarn around the center.

Step 4: Finish off by cutting the yarn and using a yarn needle to secure and weave in the end.

Dollar store star tree topper
Step 1: Place double sided tape to keep the yarn in place as you wrap it around
Start wrapping the yarn around
Step 2: Work from the base to the tip and back down to the base
Use a bit of double sided tape on the tip to keep the yarn from unraveling
Without cutting the yarn, continue on to the next segment
Step 3: Use double sided tape in the middle as you continue to wrap the yarn around
Step 4: Cut the yarn, weave the end to secure and you’re done this DIY Star Tree Topper!
DIY Star Tree Topper – Christmas Yarn Bomb

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