Craftsy Quick and Easy Crochet Cables – WIP

Today I have a WIP (work in progress) to show off because, although I wanted to have this done by now, I may have been a bit too ambitious about this project. Oh, will I ever learn?? If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my progress the last couple of days.

I signed up for the Craftsy class last week on how to crochet cables, including a pattern for a cabled clutch. I was so eager and overly confident that I could master the cable stitch in a few hours and have the clutch completed in a day.

Not so.

Part of crochet, whether you’re brand new or advanced, is accepting that sometimes you must undo your work and start all over again – especially when your piece looks nothing like what the instructor is showing you on screen. Another part of crochet is learning not to quit too soon and that if you’re following the pattern then chances are you’re going in the right direction.

It took me about three attempts to finally understand and feel comfortable enough with the stitch to make it past the 4th row. But I’m actually really pleased with how it’s coming along, considering that in the beginning I was convinced I was doing it wrong – even after restarting and re-watching the videos. But I ignored my inner pessimist and kept on going – this is part of the reason I had to start over again so many times. I wouldn’t say this particular stitch is so difficult that it’s not worth trying but I will say that it takes a couple of rows to actually see the design, so giving up and starting over doesn’t always help. Here is where I’m at now:Crochet Cables WIP - Pops de Milk

Not bad, right?

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  1. I can get to row six on the craftsy video for the clutch, but then get stuck. I can’t seem tk get the stictch back over. Do yku have any tricks you can share? I’ve tried and tried. Could you video how you moved the stitch?

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