Secret Turtle Box

Today’s post is a little bit random. Turtles. My sisters and I used to have a pet turtle and her name was Murtle (yeah, I know, super creative). I guess since then I’ve had a love for turtles – I even got a small turtle tattoo on my back when I was 22. And, aside from swimming with dolphins, I swam with sea turtles and walked among them on the beach in Hawaii. Honestly, best thing ever. Anyway, after a friend shared this link with me I wanted to crochet a turtle so I could make cute outfits for it because really, I don’t see myself getting another live pet turtle any time soon. So I started crocheting and then I got creative and ended up making a Secret Turtle Box!

Secret Turtle Box side2 - Pops de Milk Secret Turtle Box inside - Pops de Milk Secret Turtle Box side - Pops de Milk Secret Turtle Box front - Pops de Milk

Want a special place to hide little treasures? Download the PDF here.

*Update: I’ve updated the pattern to include the number of pentagons as well as when to attach eyes and begin stuffing fibrefill.

*Update: There were some instructions missing for the final round in the pentagon motif in the original post. Pattern has been updated – 5/02/14

21 thoughts on “Secret Turtle Box

  1. this is so cute … the pattern doesn’t say how to use the fiberfill or how many pentagons to make … it’s obvious from the pictures I suppose, but just wanted to point that out since I’m a new crocheter, this stood out to me

    • Thanks for pointing that out! You’ll need 6 pentagons and for the fiberfill you just stuff the turtle’s head until it feels firm yet squishy but really it’s a matter of preference. Hope that helps :)

  2. Awe so cute. I just finished making my cousin a turtle applique towel and a turtle pouch that holds earbuds or carmex. Think she will be getting a bonus turtle box now. Thank you for sharing your pattern :)

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    • Thank you for letting me know about this! I did fail to include some instructions for the 3rd round. When switching yarn colours I first slipped stitched to join colour C and then made a chain. In that same stitch is where I made the first increase. The last increase is done in the sl st of the previous round. If this sounds confusing please let me know :)

  4. Thanks for posting this! I have made two so my son’s girlfriend can chose which she likes. Great way to use up small bits of yarn. I had trouble with the third round and I found I needed to join all rounds with a slip stitch and chain at the beginning of the next round. Instead of changing colors I used various bits of variegated yarns for the pentagons. Thanks again!

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