Fancy Crochet Bolero

The past two weeks have been challenging, crochet-wise. I decided to focus the majority of my energy and time into creating a bolero to wear to a wedding this weekend. There was quite a bit of experimenting – different stitches, combinations, sizes, etc. I wanted to make something really cute and pretty to wear over the dress I bought – which is almost backless except for the zipper running down the middle. As I said, it has been challenging but oh so rewarding because I now have this beautiful little jacket:Fancy Bolero - Pops de Milk

Fancy Bolero - Pops de Milk Fancy Bolero - Pops de Milk

I chose the soft grey colour so I could use it for casual dress as well as something a little more dressy, like a wedding. For the pattern, I came up with a granny square design that featured a dainty centre complimented by a soft, frilly trim.

You can find the pattern for this lovely bolero in my Etsy shop.

Sun Mandala

I’m still working on more mandalas for my Mandala Wall Art project and I finally managed to write down the pattern for this beauty:

Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk

Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk

The original pattern for this mandala was very briefly written down, while I drank wine and watched Sherlock, so of course I was way too distracted and the instructions were pretty much unusable. This is where I had to spend an entire day “decoding” the design – it involved quite a bit of guess work and a whole lot of testing and experimenting. But at last I have worked on the pattern and can now share it with you for free (download the PDF here). Or you can always support my craftiness by buying the pattern on my Etsy shop here.

Pattern Notes:

Pattern is suitable for most crochet levels but some knowledge is needed so if this is your first mandala I would suggest trying something smaller and simpler to start.

Special stitches used:

cluster stitch

spike stitch

standing stitch

I hope you enjoy this mandala design and I’d love to see your creations!


Bleach Tie Dye – An Experiment

I’m going to start off by saying I’ve never tie dyed anything. Not sure why, maybe it seemed a bit complicated to me, like making soap – another thing I haven’t done. But recently, after putting on one of my favourite t-shirts, I was horrified to discover a small, but noticeable bleach stain on the front! I don’t know how it happened but I was ready to put the t-shirt into the Only Wear At Home clothing category. It may have been the sadness of retiring a favourite top that gave me the motivation to attempt a t-shirt refashion.

Before I could change my mind I twisted the section where the stain was (of course the in the photo you can’t see it), tied it with an ouchless hair elastic, and with a cutting board underneath (so it won’t seep through the back), I sprayed it with bleach. Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de Milk Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de Milk Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de Milk

I waited a few minutes and then removed the elastic to find this lovely design:

Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de MilkBleach Tie Dye - An Experiment

I was worried it would look like a blob of white on blue but I was pleasantly surprised with the pink. I’m so happy with how it looks. I might even say I’ve been getting more use out of this shirt than when it was just plain blue :)


Crochet Crowd Mystery Challenge

Another victory!

He is so in awe about the world around him!

He is so in awe about the world around him!

This month, at The Crochet Crowd, the crochet mystery challenge was called “Who’s In Your Closet?” The pattern called for worsted weight yarn and 5.00mm hook but I decided to use thinner yarn and a smaller hook. I had this mystery yarn I got from my sister and I figured it was time I put it to use. The yarn didn’t have a label but I’m going to guess it’s DK/light worsted, wool/acrylic blend. For the hook I used a size 3.50mm. This was my first time making a stuffed toy using the back loops only – took a few rounds of getting used to and remembering not to crochet how I normally do.

Crochet Crowd Monster - Pops de Milk

The pattern was very easy to follow and it was fun to guess what it could be. The first week it started out with feet and legs, which I thought would be for a duck. The next clue added arms and “nubbly things” and then I was just stumped. I was pleasantly surprised when the mystery creature turned out to be a one-eyed monster!

Crochet Crowd Monster - Pops de Milk

Another first for me was making hands/feet that big and with individual fingers/toes. That was my favourite part and I love how cute and funny they look!

Crochet Crowd Monster - Pops de Milk

There’s still a week left before the challenge is over so if you’re feeling up for a fun challenge head over to The Crochet Crowd pattern page.

Crochet Crowd Monster - Pops de Milk

Mandala Wall Art – Still a WIP

Remember that mandala wall art project I started two months ago? Well, I’m happy to announce that…it’s almost done! I know, I really thought this would be done but after seeing what the mandalas look like on the wall I want to make more. This is what it looks like so far:

Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk

As you can see, this is not in my bathroom as I originally wanted it to be. After getting feedback from Jay and my family about bathroom humidity and potential mould growing on my beautiful mandalas, I decided to instead place them above our dresser. This decision was made a month ago and it was only a week ago that I actually put the mandalas on the wall. Why? Because I was really stuck on how to secure them to the wall without having to hammer in nails. I had thought about reusable adhesive but feared it wouldn’t be strong enough. I continued to think and brainstorm until eventually I gave the adhesive a try. And it worked!

Now I just need to make a few more. If you’re wondering how to make your own mandala wall art just check out a few mandala patterns and then experiment with different stitches. Once you’ve made a few you can stiffen them by applying a generous coat of Mod Podge to the back of the mandala:

Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk Mandala Wall Art - Pops de MilkAllow to completely dry and apply more glue if needed. Stick reusable adhesive to the back and press firmly into the wall. Each mandala is different in size and weight so you may need more or less adhesive and if it falls (as one of mine did) just apply more adhesive.

Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk

Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk

Foxy Mason Jar Cosy

I think it’s official – I’m obsessed with these mason jar/can/bottle cosies. They’re quick and fun to make and I just love ‘em! I mean just look how cute this Foxy Mason Jar Cosy is:

Foxy Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk

For this fox cosy I used the same pattern as the bear mason jar cosy, except I’m not sure why – could be the yarn I used or I made looser stitches – but this one turned out slightly bigger so I just did less rounds (20 in total).

This pattern is for a 500ml mason jar but you can adjust the size by increasing/decreasing the base circle stitches. Pattern is worked in the round in both loops (or v’s) with the exception of Round 7.

Stitches Used:

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

tr – triple crochet

inc – increase (2sc in same st)

BLO – back loop only

sl st – slip stitch


-Worsted weight yarn. The yarn I used is called Pumpkin by Bernat and scrap yarn in a creamy colour for the tail.

-Crochet hook size 4.00mm

-7mm safety eyes (I purchased mine from 6060 on Etsy)

-Scrap piece of felt in cream or white and black.

-Embroidery thread and needle.


Round 1: start 6 sc in ring.

Round 2: inc in each st (12 sts)

Round 3: [inc, sc] repeat 6 times (18 sts)

Round 4: [inc, sc 2] repeat 6 times (24 sts)

Round 5: [inc, sc 3] repeat 6 times (30 sts)

Round 6: [inc, sc 4] repeat 6 times (36 sts)

Round 7: sc in BLO

Rounds 8-20 (or 22 if you use tight stitches): sc around.

Final round: sc in next 13 sts, in next st (dc, 2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr, dc, ch 2), skip next st, sl st in next 6 sts, in next st (dc, 2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr, dc, ch 2), skip next st, sl st in next st. Fasten off and weave ends.


Starting with orange yarn, ch 10, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 7 sts, switch to cream yarn and make 4 sc in last ch, switch back to orange yarn and continue on bottom of foundation ch to end. Fasten off and sew to body.

Foxy Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk

Cut out two almond-shaped pieces of felt. Mark where you want the eyes to be and then cut a tiny slit, big enough for the safety eye to fit. Attach the safety eyes and trim the excess stem if necessary (with this cosy, because there is the layer of felt in between, I didn’t find it necessary to trim the excess safety eye stem). With black felt, cut out the nose and stitch it on.

Foxy Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk Foxy Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk Foxy Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk

You’ll notice there’s a bit of a gap in the pointy ears – option to stitch the gap closed with a bit of yarn.

Foxy Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk

Voila! Another cute animal cosy!