Experimenting: Tapestry Crochet

Recently I discovered a type of crochet I used to refer to as, “That thing where you can crochet images or designs, like pixel art.” I didn’t actually know there was a term for that but, while I was searching for a way to make a design with different coloured yarns, I came across this great tutorial at Little Woollie for the kind of colour changes I wanted to make. The style is called tapestry crochet.

Any time I hear the word tapestry all I can think of is the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he asks to see the tapestries in the castle, “This is a castle isn’t it, there are tapestries?” And that was the extent of my tapestry knowledge. Now I know tapestries are woven works of art that are made using looms. Tapestry crochet is a way of using different coloured yarns and interchanging them to create a design. So, I tried it out.

Space Invader Tapestry Crochet Experiment - Pops de Milk

The bottom swatch was my first attempt. That was supposed to be a circle. Maybe a bit too ambitious for my first tapestry crochet project. And the top swatch, I think my intention had been to make a wavy line…

Eventually I started to get the hang of it and ended up making this Space Invader pot holder!

Space Invader Tapestry Crochet Experiment - Pops de Milk

This is what the edges look like after carrying the blue yarn all the way through:

Space Invader Tapestry Crochet Experiment - Pops de Milk

Space Invader in my kitchen!

Space Invader Tapestry Crochet Experiment - Pops de MilkSpace Invader Tapestry Crochet Experiment - Pops de MilkI still need quite a bit of practice but I’m just happy it actually looks like a Space Invader. Now I have all these ideas for more tapestry crochet projects. Do any of you tapestry crochet and have helpful tips? Looking at my Space Invader, how do you keep the carried yarn from showing through the stitches? And you can see where a couple of stitches look disconnected in the top and bottom – why did that happen? I would love to know!

If you’d like to make your own Space Invader I created a graph based on a Google image I found. Each square represents one single crochet stitch. Download PDF graph here.

Minion Bottle Cosy

Every now and then, when I check on my site stats, I like to see the search terms people use that bring them to my blog. I see the usual “free skull crochet pattern” or “cute amigurumi dolphin pattern” and some times the terms are a little more random like “how to take pics of starfish”. But the one that caught my eye recently was “how to crochet a minion beer cosy”. And naturally my first thought was, “Why haven’t I made one yet?!”

So, to the person looking for a Minion Beer Cosy, thanks for the inspiration. Here you go:

Minion Bottle Cosy - Pops de Milk Minion Bottle Cosy - Pops de Milk

Download the PDF pattern here.


Crochet Shark Pin

I’m sure by now you know are aware of my fascination with sea creatures and that I’ll most likely continue making them. So it’s no surprise that I made a shark pin:

Crochet Shark Pin - Pops de Milk

Shark Week starts on Sunday and, being a shark lover (though still scared of them), I decided to make a cute little pin. Now I can strut around town showing the world that I think sharks are awesome!

Crochet Shark Pin - Pops de Milk Crochet Shark Pin - Pops de Milk

Download the PDF pattern here or find the pattern in my Etsy shop.


Fancy Crochet Bolero

The past two weeks have been challenging, crochet-wise. I decided to focus the majority of my energy and time into creating a bolero to wear to a wedding this weekend. There was quite a bit of experimenting – different stitches, combinations, sizes, etc. I wanted to make something really cute and pretty to wear over the dress I bought – which is almost backless except for the zipper running down the middle. As I said, it has been challenging but oh so rewarding because I now have this beautiful little jacket:Fancy Bolero - Pops de Milk

Fancy Bolero - Pops de Milk Fancy Bolero - Pops de Milk

I chose the soft grey colour so I could use it for casual dress as well as something a little more dressy, like a wedding. For the pattern, I came up with a granny square design that featured a dainty centre complimented by a soft, frilly trim.

You can find the pattern for this lovely bolero in my Etsy shop.

Sun Mandala

I’m still working on more mandalas for my Mandala Wall Art project and I finally managed to write down the pattern for this beauty:

Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk

Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk

The original pattern for this mandala was very briefly written down, while I drank wine and watched Sherlock, so of course I was way too distracted and the instructions were pretty much unusable. This is where I had to spend an entire day “decoding” the design – it involved quite a bit of guess work and a whole lot of testing and experimenting. But at last I have worked on the pattern and can now share it with you for free (download the PDF here). Or you can always support my craftiness by buying the pattern on my Etsy shop here.

Pattern Notes:

Pattern is suitable for most crochet levels but some knowledge is needed so if this is your first mandala I would suggest trying something smaller and simpler to start.

Special stitches used:

cluster stitch

spike stitch

standing stitch

I hope you enjoy this mandala design and I’d love to see your creations!


Bleach Tie Dye – An Experiment

I’m going to start off by saying I’ve never tie dyed anything. Not sure why, maybe it seemed a bit complicated to me, like making soap – another thing I haven’t done. But recently, after putting on one of my favourite t-shirts, I was horrified to discover a small, but noticeable bleach stain on the front! I don’t know how it happened but I was ready to put the t-shirt into the Only Wear At Home clothing category. It may have been the sadness of retiring a favourite top that gave me the motivation to attempt a t-shirt refashion.

Before I could change my mind I twisted the section where the stain was (of course the in the photo you can’t see it), tied it with an ouchless hair elastic, and with a cutting board underneath (so it won’t seep through the back), I sprayed it with bleach. Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de Milk Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de Milk Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de Milk

I waited a few minutes and then removed the elastic to find this lovely design:

Bleach Tie Dye - Pops de MilkBleach Tie Dye - An Experiment

I was worried it would look like a blob of white on blue but I was pleasantly surprised with the pink. I’m so happy with how it looks. I might even say I’ve been getting more use out of this shirt than when it was just plain blue :)