Secret Turtle Box

Today’s post is a little bit random. Turtles. My sisters and I used to have a pet turtle and her name was Murtle (yeah, I know, super creative). I guess since then I’ve had a love for turtles – I even got a small turtle tattoo on my back when I was 22. And, aside from swimming with dolphins, I swam with sea turtles and walked among them on the beach in Hawaii. Honestly, best thing ever. Anyway, after a friend shared this link with me I wanted to crochet a turtle so I could make cute outfits for it because really, I don’t see myself getting another live pet turtle any time soon. So I started crocheting and then I got creative and ended up making a Secret Turtle Box!

Secret Turtle Box side2 - Pops de Milk Secret Turtle Box inside - Pops de Milk Secret Turtle Box side - Pops de Milk Secret Turtle Box front - Pops de Milk

Want a special place to hide little treasures? Download the PDF here.

Zombie Pattern

So…maybe I’m going through Walking Dead withdrawal (I’m waiting for Netflix to add the next season) or maybe I have a serious worry about a zombie apocalypse because the other night I had a dream with zombies. All you psychologists out there, should I be concerned? Is the fact that I dream of flesh-eating corpses a sign that my head should be examined? Or maybe I just think zombies are cool, not that I want to turn into one. Oh gosh, I hope I never turn into one if a zombie breakout does happen. But if it did happen…could there be a way to befriend the living dead? Maybe they wouldn’t be all that bad, except for their insatiable hunger for humans. This train of thought is what sparked my creative flow to come up with this amigurumi Zombie:

Zombie Braaaains - Pops de Milk

Zombie - Pops de Milk Zombie side - Pops de Milk Zombie dead - Pops de Milk

Download the PDF here or you can always check out my Etsy shop if you want to support my crafty designs.

Dolphin Amigurumi Pattern

I am a couple of days late but I couldn’t help churning out this little bottlenose dolphin for National Dolphin Day.

Dolphin 4 - Pops de Milk

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love dolphins and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to swim on different occasions with bottlenose and spinner dolphins. Not only do they look like they’re permanently smiling but they also have character and personality. Just check out these cool dolphin facts from Greenpeace.

Dolphin 3 - Pops de Milk Dolphin 2 - Pops de Milk

Don’t you just wish you could have a dolphin of your own to hang out with? What about a crochet pattern? Find the PDF here or if you want to support my crafty work you can purchase the pattern on my Etsy shop.

Tiny Rabbit

Jay and I have been going on walks a lot more lately. The warmer weather and the sunshine is enough to draw these two home bodies out of hibernation. Despite the construction and traffic, I still feel the freshness of the season and the excitement that in just one more week Little Sister Sue will be arriving. These things combined – oh, and Easter too – inspired me to make this adorable tiny rabbit:

Tiny Rabbit front - Pops de Milk

Tiny Rabbit back - Pops de Milk Tiny Rabbit in flower pot - Pops de Milk

But before, when I had just finished sewing the head and body together Jay walked in the room and saw the bunny. Usually when he sees a project I’ve finished he’ll say, “That’s so cute,” or, “That’s so awesome,” and then proceed to do a few karate moves with it before giving it back. But because the needle was still attached to the rabbit, he finished his action scene with this:

Warrior Bunny and Jay - Pops de Milk

Of course now I can’t picture the bunny as a cute spring creature, instead he is now a warrior bunny! (Good thing I’ve got extra needles…)

Warrior Bunny - Pops de Milk

Protecting my yarn stash. “You shall not pass!”

Yarn Warrior Bunny - Pops de Milk

Want the pattern? Download the PDF here.

Mr. Hedgehog

The snow is melting. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Spring has finally arrived in these parts and I couldn’t be happier! This warm weather is coaxing animals out of hibernation and one such animal is a fuzzy little mammal I have named Mr. Hedgehog.

He likes to sniff around my desk, bumping into crochet hooks and erasers. Sometimes he just plops himself on my keyboard and stares at me with his cute little eyes. Just look at him!

Hedgehog 1 - Pops de Milk

The idea to make his body fuzzy was more of an experiment to see if the same technique would work for another project I’m currently designing. I thought about just crocheting a simple square to experiment with but I was more curious about how it would work on a three-dimensional object, stuffed with fibrefill. All I did was brush the little hedgehog with an old hair brush until I was satisfied with the fuzz. And out of a successful experiment I came out with an adorable desk pet to keep me company while I create.

Hedgehog 2 - Pops de MilkWant to make a hedgehog? Download the PDF pattern here or if you want to support my crocheting efforts you can buy the pattern at my Etsy shop.

Crochet Eggs for Easter

I can’t believe Easter is almost here! As I was raised Catholic, my Mom always made a point of celebrating Easter – the fun bunny stuff as well as the religious part of it. For Easter dinner she would usually make her amazing and mouth-watering leg of lamb, cooked in a bath of tomatoes loaded with herbs and, during the afternoon while the lamb slowly cooked, she’d pop in the old VHS of Jesus of Nazareth. There was also Easter mass and once or twice we even made it to our church’s three hour long rendition of the stations of the cross. As a kid, this was not the most amusing event, especially because we all had to stand throughout the entire thing. But the knowledge of an Easter egg hunt in the near future would keep me from complaining about how bored I was.

The egg hunt was my favourite, of course. My Mom was very creative about her hiding places, considering we lived in an apartment. And because there were three of us, she would make sure to hide an equal amount of chocolate and candy so my sisters and I wouldn’t be left out. Usually I’d find my sisters’ candy as well as mine but I didn’t mind giving them their share :P

This tradition went on until just a few years ago. Yes, even the egg hunt! The sight of three grown women looking inside flower pots for chocolate probably brought much joy to my Mom.

This year, most of my family, with the exception of Little Sister Sue who is returning from Japan (YAY!!!!) is out of the country and having Easter together will be impossible. Instead I will be having my own little Easter celebration with a few of my Mom’s traditions thrown in. I have to admit I’m not religious so going to church would feel wrong for me, but I do remember enjoying most of Jesus of Nazareth. And if I’m not in the mood for something that serious, I may just make Jay and Little Sister Sue watch Jesus Christ Superstar instead haha. I will most definitely be making my Mom’s lamb dinner but what I’m most excited about is the Easter egg hunt.

But first, decorations! I thought it would be fun to have a bunch of crochet Easter eggs so I’ve come up with a pattern for a simple egg shape. You can use different kinds of colours and yarns, add felt pieces, buttons, embroidery – consider it a blank canvas or I suppose, a regular egg begging to be dyed…except without the messy dye.

Large Egg - Pops de Milk Small Eggs - Pops de Milk Bowl of Eggs - Pops de Milk

If you’d like to crochet some eggs for your Easter egg hunt download the PDF pattern here.

What kind of Easter traditions do you have? Do you have egg hunts? Large family dinners? I’d love to know!

“You have no power over me.”

I’m starting the week with one of my favourite female characters, Sarah from Labyrinth. The line, “You have no power over me,” has stuck with me – as well as, I’m sure, with many other girls who grew up watching this movie – and made a lasting impression. No man, or Goblin King for that matter, would ever try to dominate me!

Sarah Labyrinth - Pops de Milk

Although she starts off the movie seeming like a spoiled princess, by the end you can tell she’s determined, has a good heart, and is strong enough to stand against the Goblin King to take back her baby brother.

Sarah and Jareth Labyrinth - Pops de Milk

Jareth lurks behind, trying to lure her to his castle but she wants none of it!

Want to make an inspiring female character? Download the pattern here or you can support my crafty skills by purchasing the pattern on Etsy.