Zombie Pattern


So…maybe I’m going through Walking Dead withdrawal (I’m waiting for Netflix to add the next season) or maybe I have a serious worry about a zombie apocalypse because the other night I had a dream with zombies. All you psychologists out there, should I be concerned? Is the fact that I dream of flesh-eating corpses a sign that my head should be examined? Or maybe I just think zombies are cool, not that I want to turn into one. Oh gosh, I hope I never turn into one if a zombie breakout does happen. But if it did happen…could there be a way to befriend the living dead? Maybe they wouldn’t be all that bad, except for their insatiable hunger for humans. This train of thought is what sparked my creative flow to come up with this amigurumi Zombie:

Zombie Braaaains - Pops de Milk

Zombie - Pops de Milk Zombie side - Pops de Milk Zombie dead - Pops de Milk

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