Sun Mandala


I’m still working on more mandalas for my Mandala Wall Art project and I finally managed to write down the pattern for this beauty:

Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk

Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk Sun Mandala - Pops de Milk

The original pattern for this mandala was very briefly written down, while I drank wine and watched Sherlock, so of course I was way too distracted and the instructions were pretty much unusable. This is where I had to spend an entire day “decoding” the design – it involved quite a bit of guess work and a whole lot of testing and experimenting. But at last I have worked on the pattern and can now share it with you for free (download the PDF here). Or you can always support my craftiness by buying the pattern on my Etsy shop here.

Pattern Notes:

Pattern is suitable for most crochet levels but some knowledge is needed so if this is your first mandala I would suggest trying something smaller and simpler to start.

Special stitches used:

cluster stitch

spike stitch

standing stitch

I hope you enjoy this mandala design and I’d love to see your creations!


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  1. I just wanted to tell you that this mandala is beautiful! After seeing Attic 24’s and now your post, I am really getting inspired to make some! Just in time as well because I move into a new house at the end of August, I think that these would look positively lovely on my bedroom wall! :)

  2. I love that!! So bright and cheery! How many do you have done? How’s it looking so far?

  3. This is beautiful! my grandma used to make a bunch of these, sure brings back lots of memories :)

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  5. Thank you so much… Mandalas and their therapeutical effect :)

  6. Thank you very much for the pattern, it’s very beautifull !

  7. Grazie!
    Bellissimo mandala…

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