“That’s no moon.”


It’s Star Wars Day everybody! And look what I created this past week: Crochet Death Star Cushion!That's no moon - Pops de Milk #starwars #crochet #deathstar

It was Jay who suggested I make a Death Star cushion and I eagerly accepted the challenge.

That's no moon - Pops de Milk #starwars #crochet #deathstar

The first several attempts at making this crochet space station were frustrating because I couldn’t get the right spherical shape. This is where the internet (as usual) saved me from pulling out my hair. I found this really awesome sphere pattern calculator and all I did was enter the circumference in stitches (96) and it came up with a pattern for an ideal sphere. The only difficult part was counting and making sure I had the right number of stitches per round because the formula isn’t like your usual increase every x number of stitches by y number of times. So for this project I followed the calculated pattern and then added slip stitches made single crochet stitches to the back loops of the middle rounds to create the trench.That's no moon - Pops de Milk #starwars #crochet #deathstar

Download the Death Star PDF pattern here and May the 4th be with you!

That's no moon - Pops de Milk #starwars #crochet #deathstar

*Update* The pattern has been adjusted as I received quite a few questions about what the numbers in the pattern mean. I have also (hopefully) cleared up any confusion on how to start the first round in the Death Star and the super laser. But if there’s still anything that is unclear please send me an email popsdemilk@gmail.com

*Another Update* I’ve made a video that explains the first couple of rounds, how to make the trench, and how to make the surface stitches. Check out the youtube video here. 

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  1. Very awesome! And thanks for the link to the sphere calculator as well, I think that’s going to save me a lot of time and future headaches! ~____^

  2. Why had I not foreseen this… lol
    I see a great gift for my youngest nephew coming up!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you

  4. This is awesome!

  5. This might be what makes me break my yarn fast. Holy cow.

  6. I found your blog by way of Craftster and am now following you on Bloglovin’…
    This Death Star is amazing!
    I love the size of it…I can feel a tractor beam pulling me in…..

  7. This is obviously one of the coolest patterns imaginable. How much yarn is required, please? Just the darker yarn yardage. The lighter is obviously negligible. :)

    • Thanks :D For this pattern I used almost a skein of Bernat Super Value acrylic yarn, which is 426yds. I thought I would need quite a bit of yarn but surprisingly I ended up with leftover yarn.

  8. Love love love this. Now I just need to fit in making it, or maybe even making two as I’m pretty sure both my lads will want one. (and then one for me, that’s 3 I have to make now!)

  9. Love it!!! Such a cute pillow!

  10. Love this idea, have already started it.
    One question — where do you work in the back loops? I don’t see any place in the pattern, but there are clearly lines near the center where you did. Is it the lines of the slip stitches?

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  14. So much of win!

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  16. Any idea how much fiberfill you used? I’m trying to order some from eBay, but have no clue how much to get. Do you think 500g would be enough? Thanks!

    • Hello! Honestly not sure how much I used (sorry!) but I do know I didn’t need the whole bag, which is about 500g and is called Poly-Fil by Fairfield. The amount of fill you use depends how firm or soft you want it to be and that will also determine the final size of the Death Star (the more fill you use the bigger/firmer it will be). I’d say you probably only need about 200g. I hope that helps :)

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  18. WOW- amazing job! Thanks so much for all the work you put into this and for sharing with us. I would love to link to this in my next Crochet Roundup if you didn’t mind!

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  20. Hello there!

    Did you use the standard magic circle to start with? Or how many chain sitches did you use to the beginning ring?


  21. Is there anyway you could maybe post a video of you making the cushion? I am more of a visual learner lol. And I really want to make this sooooo bad!!

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for visiting! Making a video for future patterns is in the works. I’m also a visual learner so I can definitely see how helpful a video would be but in the mean time is there a specific part of the pattern that is confusing? I can try and help you out.

      • Thanks for responding! What do the numbers next to the increases mean? Example: inc, 16, inc, 15, inc.

        • You’re most welcome, I’m happy to help! Those are the number of single crochet stitches you need to make. As each round has a different number combination I thought it would be less cluttered and easier to read so it’s a shortened way of saying: sc in next 16 sts, inc in the next st, sc in next 15 sts, inc in next st, etc.

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  23. I love this so much! I’m going to make several of these as Christmas presents! Thank you for making this pattern, and then making it available free!

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  26. It turned out great, thanks for sharing the pattern! Any idea how long it took you to make?

  27. Hi! Great pattern, thanks for sharing! Quick question, are these US or UK stitch sizes? Already got the wool to make it, looking forward to having a go!!

  28. Hi is there any chance you know the dimensions of this cushion finished? Fantastic work by the way x

  29. Thanks so much for the pattern for this. I saw it on Facebook and wanted to make one. I found yarn on sale and picked it up. When I got home I decided to try Google and YouTube to see if I could find a pattern. I was super surprised and excited when I found your video and link to the pattern on YouTube within five minutes. That was Tuesday. I completed it today and my kids love it!

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  31. Love the pattern and the video, started mine tonight. One question: Does the front of the stitches or the back of them face outward in the sphere?

  32. Thanks so much for the awesome and easy to follow pattern. I’m a beginner and this came together so nicely! I just attached the gun this morning, to do the paneling detail this evening. My son and daughter LOVE it. Thanks again!

  33. I am currently making this for my cousin. He wanted it the size of a basketball (which is 29″ circ). I saw the finished size should be 28″. I’m doing it with the hook suggested 4.5 mm and finished circ is only 22 inches??

  34. I love this, want to make for my grandson but it will not download. Is there another site I cant obtain the pattern.

  35. I am making this for my son and have reached the ‘decoration’ stage. I’m a little stumped as to how to anchor the end of the yarn lengths when making the lighter grey accents. How did you hide the knots? Your explanation of how to start the yarn lengths was great but won’t work when I run out of it. It’s a great pattern and I can’t wait to give it to him.

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting and making the Death Star! For the knots I sort of wove the yarn in and around the stitches, inserted the needle and pulled it through a stitch (any stitch) far away from where I inserted the needle – or as far as the needle will reach without getting lost inside the Death Star haha – then I pulled on the yarn end trimmed the excess (I hope that makes sense). Please let me know if you need more explanation :)

      • I think so but just to be clear, no real knots at the ends of the lengths, (just at the beginning)just using the binding aspect of the single strand through the crochet stitches. This has been a puzzle to me on other projects so it’s great to get feedback. Thanks for the fast reply as I really want to finish this and move on to the boot slipper pattern. Really like your blog

        • That’s right, no knots when you’re at the end of the yarn just weave it in several times and you’re good. Thanks again for trying out the pattern and glad you’re liking the blog :D

  36. Hey guys, I know this is late, but I never buy fiberfill. It’s basically the same stuff as you find in Pillows. For a cheaper trick, go to the store, buy a 3-5$ pillow, and just rip it open, you get TONS of filling for your projects, plus its nice and soft.

  37. I can’t get anybody to make one for my dark side… How much ? Ray rayalien457@aol.com

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  39. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing the pattern! My son in law is a huge star wars fan. I plan to make this for him for Christmas.

  40. Hi,
    I’m having trouble with round 42. I have my 58 stitches, but I’m one short to start the next round. I’ve done it 3 or 4 times and can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong.


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  42. That is pretty flipping awesome! Found it on pinterest and my almost 6 year old said I absolutely have to make it. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the pattern!

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  45. I wonder if half of it would work for a hat? Haven’t figured out a costume yet for a party

    • That would be an amazing costume and I have wondered the same thing…a hat is technically (almost) half a sphere so, why not? If you do end up making a Death Star hat I would love to see it!

  46. I love this pattern and I’m dying to make it! My issue is this: My phone will not let me download the pattern. Would it be possible to email a pattern to me? I would be so grateful and my husband who has no idea yet! faile1@gmail.com

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  58. When a row starts off with a number and a comma, does that mean that many number of sc? For example, in row 7: it starts off 4, inc, 5sc, etc. Does that mean start row 7 with 4 sc’s and then increase in the next stitch?

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