Yin Yang Shawl

I feel like Etta James at this moment: Aaaaaat laaaaaast my shawl is done, my long nights of knitting are over, and my WIP basket is emptier. I present, the Yin Yang Shawl:

I’ve been working on this shawl for many months, I don’t know if I want to figure out how long but we’ll just say it took a while to make. A few things made the progress slow – my knitting skills, frogging, poor choice of yarn, other more important projects. Despite all that it’s done!!!

The pattern – which can be found on Yarnspirations for free – was a challenge for me, not that the pattern is badly written, I’m just not familiar with knitting. Luckily there is a video with Vickie Howell explaining the pattern. I had the right knitting needles but the yarn I chose was not the correct weight. When I realized this I was already invested in the project and I thought, meh, not sure what else to do with this yarn. Really, the only thing I had to do was add more rows than the pattern called for. When I started binding off, you cannot imagine the joy I felt.

I almost didn’t block the shawl but if I’d already gone this far I should do this last step. Besides, I really wanted to use my Allure fibre wash – smells so nice!

I laid the scarf flat overnight and the next day I had a lovely new accessory. I really love the zig zagging design and the way it drapes. This will be a perfect spring shawl. So. Happy.

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