World Wildlife Day Crochet Roundup

Today is World Wildlife Day and like many others out there, I want to raise awareness about animal and plant conservation. This year is the first time this day of observance of flora and fauna is celebrated. The organization leading this celebration will be focusing on African and Asian elephants, creatures that continue to be hunted by humans. I don’t need to tell you how sad and angry that makes me. But instead of just getting upset I am inspired to crochet an elephant to help spread the word. Until then I will leave you with a few patterns of endangered species (not all are my designs). “The future of wildlife is in our hands”

World Wildlife Day

1. Cutest Little Sperm Whale

2. Busy Buzzy Bees

3. Polar Bear Hot Paws

4. Panda Doorknob Cozy Pattern by Red Heart

5. Secret Turtle Box

6. Tiger Hat Pattern by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me

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