WIP Wednesday

The other night, after work and the usual things people do at the end of the day, I paced around the apartment, my mind too busy to focus. I hadn’t realized I was pacing until Jason asked what was on my mind. What I thought of was, “I’m ready for play time but I don’t know what to work on first.” Does that ever happen to you?

The lace crochet top is still going. In a just a few rows I’ll reach the armholes! I think if I had continued with the previous design I’d still be making my way across the waist.

I am almost done with one sock so far. It’s funny, I thought that choosing ankle socks would mean I’d be done faster but seems like this pair is taking me just as long as the previous socks. And is it just me or does the sock look like a fish?

The last project is a mystery. I shared this photo on Instagram and wondered for a moment if I’d given away too much.

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