WIP Wednesday

Last week I made an executive decision to scrap the lace crochet top design and start over. I decided to go for the shelled top after fellow crocheter Eleanor (of Harebells Crochet) pointed out that, though the granny square top was her favourite, the shelled top was more in the lace crochet style and would provide the challenge I needed. How right you were, Eleanor!

The pattern, which can be found here, is worked from the bottom up and uses foundation double crochet (chainless foundation) to start the project. The pattern is easy to follow, though it does require a bit of crochet knowledge/experience. This is the kind of project you can immerse yourself into while you binge watch your favourite show on Netflix. I’m currently alternating between catching up on Pretty Little Liars and listening to the audio book, Carnal Innocence by Nora Roberts. Seems I have a thing for thrilling murder mysteries…

wip weds jun 8 crochet top - pops de milk wip weds june 8 crochet top - pops de milk

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