WIP – Mandala Wall Art

Exactly eight months ago we moved back to Toronto and into our current apartment. It’s been that long and the one room I didn’t bother decorating was the main bathroom. It’s not a big room but there is a very large wall space next to the mirror that has been begging for some sort of art piece. I did a bit of brainstorming here and there but never committed to anything. At one point I almost decided to paint a giant octopus on the wall but I’m way too lazy for something that elaborate…and I’m talking GIANT octopus! So decorating the bathroom was forgotten until I came across a post by Attic 24. I was so inspired by the mandala project Lucy is working on that I decided to crochet my first mandala.

Mandala Wall Art - Pops de Milk

I didn’t follow a specific pattern or even write down what I did, I just sort of played around with stitches and tried to get comfortable and familiar with crocheting a flat circle. The next mandala I’ll be working on today will be based on this pattern I found via Attic 24.

So far I’m really enjoying this type of crochet, it’s very relaxing and I love the way the colours look together. I’m so excited to see how this project will look on the wall and even more excited to share it with you so stay tuned!

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  1. Love this mandala and your blog! Plus, its always warming to find another “blogger on the block” ;D Were Toronto natives, just left the city 3 years ago;( LOL! See ya round. Thanks for sharing.

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