WIP – Lace top…new directions

You know the lace crochet top I’ve been working on, yeah, you know the one. I got past 20 rows before I finally accepted something was off. Somewhere along the way I must have interpreted the crochet chart differently and certain stitches did not happen or they went where they shouldn’t have. I thought, “If I just keep on going it’s bound to sort itself out.” The next thing I knew I was unraveling the fabric and when I had the thread neatly wound I panicked and had an “Oh god what have I done?!” moment. Seriously, what would I do now? Restart using the same diagram? The same one that obviously did not make sense to me? But that could just be how I drew it…

pencil crochet chart

top design pattern

I like the design and I do love a challenge, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that skill level yet. Let’s not forget how long it took me to finish the crochet lace mandala, and that was  following a pattern in a magazine. The crochet lace top will need to be a little more beginner if I want to wear it before the year is over. The weather is already heatwave-like (seems this year Spring took a break) and it would be so nice to have a light and airy crochet top!

So this time I’ll be going with an easier pattern,  less detailed, easy to see if I’ve missed a space or made chains instead of double crochets. Lace crochet, so pretty, so frustrating. I’m also not going to design this pattern, maybe just make a tweak or two. Thanks to Ravelry and Pinterest I found a few free designs I liked. Now I just need to choose one. What do you think?

beach top

Beach top (in Dutch) – Veritas

granny square top

Granny square top – Maria Valles Handmade

shelled top

Shelled top – Sweet Nothings

2 thoughts on “WIP – Lace top…new directions

  1. My favourite is the granny square top! But if you wanted to get used to doing lacy patterns then the shelled top would probably be quite a good one to do.

    As always, I look forward to seeing what you will make!

    Best wishes

    Eleanor x

    1. I’m really liking the granny square top too because of its simplicity but I do agree that the shelled top would be a doable challenge 🙂

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