Warm Crochet Gifts

I think the best gifts are warm gifts, especially during fall/winter. You want your loved ones to feel the thought and care you put into their gift and what better way to do this than by literally covering them in warm accessories! The holidays tend to come out of nowhere so I’ve chosen projects that you can finish just in time to give away.

Some Tips on Gifting Crochet Wearables…

  1. It’s a good idea to include care instructions with the gift such as, machine wash cold or delicate, lay flat to try or dry on low heat. The care instructions will depend on the type of yarn you use, for example, the projects mentioned here were all made with acrylic yarn or a blend of acrylic and wool so they can be machine-washed and dried.
  2. You should also make sure the recipient has no allergies to natural fibres (if you choose to use wool or other natural yarns).
  3. This is completely optional but you may include a note describing the reason you chose to make that specific project for that specific person. “I saw this scarf and I knew it had to be yours because the colours remind me of the time we…”



my first crochet mittens pops de milk

Banana Scarf




Infinity Scarf



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