Upcycling a Sports Bra with Crochet + Collab with Photowall

It’s spring, which means I’m cleaning and getting rid of items I no longer use or items that really should have been donated or disposed of. I was also cleaning up my craftspace and really wanted to update my project photo-taking. If you’ve seen my other blog posts or if you follow me on social, usually my projects are taken against a white background or my desk. I had seen other creators use wood slats for their backgrounds and always thought their photos had more character. It was time I gave this a try with a new project – I would be upcycling a sports bra with crochet!

Thanks to the folks at Photowall for this collaboration and a chance to upgrade my project photos with a new background!

Photowall is a Swedish company that makes beautiful wall décor products like wallpaper, murals, prints, and posters. Their design selection is enormous. I cannot tell you how long I spent scrolling through the many images and designs, wishing I could choose them all.

I went with a small section of wallpaper in Whitewash Wood, just enough for me to take project photo flat lays as well as full body shots. The wallpaper arrived quickly and it came in a roll that I could cut to my liking.

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On to the upcycling!

This workout top wasn’t a favorite of mine. I never really liked how it looked on me and I didn’t want to donate the top because I still liked the built-in bra – there are so few sports bras that I actually find comfortable so the thought of getting rid of such a bra was just wrong. I could have kept the bra and used it as, well, a bra, but we’re talking about me here. Yarn has to be involved.

Upcycling a sports bra with crochet


  • Sports bra, tank top, something you can build on
  • Worsted weight (4) yarn – I used one entire skein of Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue
  • Size 4.00 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Small sharp scissors

Step 1: Take apart your top, if needed. With yarn needle, sew a blanket stitch of about 1 cm wide all around the top bust edges. I used a bit of painters tape with 1 cm markings on it to guide me as I went along.

Step 2: Single crochet around the bra straps.

Step 3: Join yarn in a spot where the join seam won’t be as visible (don’t do what I did and make the join over the left boob).

Step 4: Make 2 double crochet stitches in each blanket stitch around.

Step 5: Continue working in each stitch around until the bodice reaches your desired length. (Since the front was a lot shorter than the back, I worked two rows in triple crochet in the front and half double crochet in the back to even things out a little).

Step 6: Weave in ends, sew any gaps shut, and you’re done!

The sports bra I worked with had a bit of fabric up the middle that I wasn’t sure how to cover at first but in the end I cut out the fabric and made single crochet stitches around the straps.

I am super happy and surprised at how well this turned out! I was worried there would be so much of the bra showing through, especially around the arm holes but the stitches fit so well. What do you think? Would you turn a sports bra into a crochet top? If you do I’d love to see how it turns out! Share on Instagram and tag @popsdemilk so I can see your upcycled creation!

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