Twizzlefoot – Mountain Colors Yarn Review

You know what I love about my craft? Trying new yarns and falling in love with them. Seriously. Is there anything better than wrapping your hands over a squishy new ball of yarn?

Twizzlefoot Spring Eclipse - Pops de Milk

I recently found myself with a skein of fingering weight, hand-painted yarn called Twizzlefoot, to be exact. I knew it would be ideal for my next pair of socks and once I was finished with June’s socks, I didn’t waste any time. I just had to get my hooks on that soft and luxurious merino wool yarn.

Twizzlefoot Spring Eclipse 2 - Pops de Milk Twizzlefoot Spring Eclipse 1 - Pops de Milk

And have I mentioned the colours? The colours are so vibrant, they make me think of sunsets in fall.

Twizzlefoot Spring Eclipse 3 - Pops de Milk

But aside from how the yarn looks and feels, I absolutely had a relaxing time working with it. I don’t know about you but some natural yarns snag easily if you stab them with the hook by accident but this one holds up against my “argh!” moments. These moments happen a bit closer to the end of the month when I’m on the final rounds of the second sock (I still have time!) and it’s nice to see and feel that the yarn is light and soft yet sturdy. And speaking of socks, I better finish them…stay tuned for the July socks post!

Fingering weight sock yarn from Mountain Colors. They also have kits, patterns, and of course, gorgeous yarn!

One sock done - Pops de Milk

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