Tapestry Crochet Space Invader

Recently I discovered a type of crochet I used to refer to as, “That thing where you can crochet images or designs, like pixel art.” I didn’t actually know there was a term for that but, while I was searching for a way to make a design with different coloured yarns, I came across this great tutorial at Little Woollie for the kind of colour changes I wanted to make. The style is called tapestry crochet.

Any time I hear the word tapestry all I can think of is the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he asks to see the tapestries in the castle, “This is a castle isn’t it, there are tapestries?” And that was the extent of my tapestry knowledge. Now I know tapestries are woven works of art that are made using looms. Tapestry crochet is a way of using different coloured yarns and interchanging them to create a design. So, I tried it out.

The bottom swatch was my first attempt, it was supposed to be a circle. Maybe a bit too ambitious for my first tapestry crochet project. And the top swatch, I think my intention had been to make a wavy line…

Eventually I started to get the hang of it and ended up making this Tapestry Crochet Space Invader pot holder!

This is what the edges look like after carrying the blue yarn all the way through:

Tapestry Crochet Space Invader

I still need quite a bit of practice but I’m just happy it actually looks like a Space Invader. Now I have all these ideas for more tapestry crochet projects. Do any of you tapestry crochet and have helpful tips? Looking at my Space Invader, how do you keep the carried yarn from showing through the stitches? And you can see where a couple of stitches look disconnected in the top and bottom – why did that happen? I would love to know!

If you’d like to make your own Tapestry Crochet Space Invader I created a graph based on a Google image I found. Each square represents one single crochet stitch. Download PDF graph here.

5 thoughts on “Tapestry Crochet Space Invader

  1. That looks really cool! I have done tapesty crochet once … but I was mostly just making it up as I went and it doesn’t look that great! Thanks for the pdf though, I think I’ll have to give it another try ^___^

  2. I love your website! I always seem to find it by clicking on great (mostly geeky) projects you’ve posted on Craftgawker! Keep up the great work!

    I’ve tapestry crocheted once.. What a work! But the end result can be really great!

    You’ve probably seen the website of Carol Ventura on your journey to know something about tapestry crochet.

    You made yours the ‘normal’ crochet way, by turning the whole project and starting again from left to right. I like the result a lot, but you can see that there is a difference between when you went the ‘right way’ and the ‘wrong way’. Carol explains on http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/ (the video A Flat Tapestry Crochet Tutorial (for advanced crocheters – it will require practice)) that you can crochet with your left hand from left to right. This way every row you make is on the ‘right side’.
    When you turn your work as you’d normally do, you can make your stitches through the back end of the ‘v’ (oh, I hope that makes sense.. You normally make them through the front end of the ‘v’…) This does the same as working from left to right, but isn’t as hard 😉

    A tip I got from Evelien De Brouwer is to use the smallest crochet hook you can use for your yarn. (Look at her tapestry, it is amazing! Right standing, and not a flaw to see! It is in Dutch, but those pictures speak for themselves! http://threadyarknot.blogspot.nl/2013/09/tapestry-crochet.html)

    Evelien also gave me this tip: If you notice your pattern is slanting too much, take a look at this page from Carol: http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/blog/?p=1260 that might help too.

    This is what I made with tapestry crochet:
    on this page you can read how my journey was to doing ‘less messy’ tapestry crochet 😉
    There is also a tip on how to get rid of the ‘v”s at the bottom of the colour change (they really annoyed me) 🙂

    I hope this helps.

    Really curious how your tapestry turns out with the tips!
    I know it is a lot of work, result is really worth it (as it is with all crochet and handmade items)

    Good luck!! And keep on posting great stuff 😀

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for all the info, I’m checking out the links now! I’m actually working on a tapestry crochet project with letters and I’ve been putting it off because I fear the letters will be slanted so your comment couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks again 😀
      PS. your bag looks amazing, definitely feeling inspired now!

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