Taking A Break From Crochet Means…More Crochet!

Like the title of this post suggests, taking a break from crochet ended up turning into crocheting more. It’s like when you want to start a diet. The instant you declare, “My diet starts now!” you’ll immediately feel hungry and want to rummage for some sort of unhealthy snack. In my last post I said I wanted to take a break from designing and instead made a crochet bookmark. I have been reading quite a bit more lately but I have also been working on a few crochet projects created by other talented designers.

We all know how much I love Adventure Time so when Twinkie Chan shared her pattern for Ricardio I knew I would have to give it a try. It’s been a slow process because, like I said, I mostly end up designing and creating for the blog. But little by little and here and there I add a few more stitches. Ricardio is getting there!Taking A Break From Crochet Means...More Crochet! - Pops de Milk

The next project I decided to try was this crochet bag on the Moogly blog. I was drawn by the stitch design and by the fact that it was a short CAL (crochet along) so I wouldn’t have to invest too much time – seriously, this is probably every crocheter’s dilemma when it comes to CALs.Taking A Break From Crochet Means...More Crochet! - Pops de Milk

Around the time that I was nearing the end of the first part of the Moogly CAL, I rediscovered a pair of crochet socks I had started working on a while ago (I can’t even remember when). I thought, might as well finish these now! The pattern is from a booklet I found at Michael’s for Patons Stretch Socks (crochet and knit patterns). There were a few times I had to restart certain parts because I found the instructions a tad confusing but I improvised and now I have one completed sock, though I will have to redo the toe…and add more length to the sock because my feet are not that small.Taking A Break From Crochet Means...More Crochet! - Pops de Milk

And lastly, because I seem to find it necessary to pile projects upon projects on myself, I decided to make a dishcloth using this pattern on Yarnspirations. I’d been meaning to make some new dishcloths (the current ones are getting a little ratty after so much use). Really love the bumpy texture, great for scrubbing!Taking A Break From Crochet Means...More Crochet! - Pops de Milk1

Okay, so maybe I haven’t completely taken a break from designing. The last several weeks I’ve been working on a project I’m very excited about and I really can’t wait to share it with you – I almost feel like that friend or relative who gives you a birthday present way too early just because they can’t wait for you to enjoy it (I’m looking at you, Mom). But I will be patient and leave you hanging, muhahaha! I’ll just leave you with a little hint:Taking A Break From Crochet Means...More Crochet! - Pops de Milk

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