crochet scrabble tile pouch

Crochet Scrabble Pouch

Do you know someone who is crazy about Scrabble? Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a unique pouch that showed their love of word games? If you’re eagerly nodding your head then keep scrolling because today I’m sharing a crochet Scrabble pouch pattern. Crochet Scrabble Pouch Pattern Pattern Notes: Follow the chart for colour […]

Crochet Goron Mask Bag

Little Sister Sue, upon seeing my Boba Fett bag, immediately requested that I make her a bag of a Goron from Zelda. Without thinking too much about it I agreed and a few days later did a quick Google search of Goron masks. I never really got into playing Zelda, though I did try and […]

BMO Crochet Tablet Sleeve

Recently we purchased a tablet and, after setting it up to my liking, my immediate thought was to make a case for it. The last time I made a tablet case was for my iPad by using an old book. This time, because I’m so hooked (get it, hooked?) on tapestry crochet I decided to […]

Boba Fett Crochet Bag

Happy Star Wars Day! Some of you might have already guessed that the mystery project was indeed a crochet Boba Fett – yay! The idea to make the bag came out of nowhere. One night, before bed, I was brainstorming ideas for May 4th. Jason kept throwing out great, though complicated, ideas like a large […]