Crochet Lemon Earrings - Pops de Milk

Crochet Lemon Earrings

I love spring in Toronto. After such harsh winters, spring is especially pretty here. It is the gateway to summer with bright and cheery colours, and the sweetness in the air from all the blooming flowers! Lemons happen to be bright, cheery, and fragrant, which is why I was compelled to make these super adorable […]

Lace Crochet

I’m suddenly obsessed with making a dress. Not just any dress – one I dreamed of. It was almost backless, with capped sleeves, relaxed twirly skirt. In the dream it was made mostly in one piece with a bit of sewing of seams. Like most dreams, it looked so easy to make! But while sketching […]

How To Crochet: Trellis Stitch

Today I want to show you a very simple stitch that is perfect for beginners and great for quick projects. The trellis stitch is made up of a series of chains and single crochet stitches in the chain spaces. I’m currently using this stitch to crochet a chunky, yet light, spring scarf. Here’s how you […]

Crochet Basics – Working in the Round Part 2

If you’ve just found this post I suggest you visit the previous posts to catch up: how to make a slip knot and chain, how to make a single crochet, and working in the round part 1. We’ve entered the decrease phase! Now that you’ve got a rounded shape you’ll want to continue shaping it […]