Crochet Mini Pumpkin

Suddenly the air is crisp, the leaves are turning orange, and PSLs (Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes) are in bloom. It’s that period between Thanksgiving and Halloween when Canadians get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and at Pops de Milk HQ we are not immune to this. In fact, we’ve decided October is our favourite […]

South Park Pumpkin Hats

So, I heard a new South Park game is coming out soon and naturally my thoughts went to the pumpkin hats I made four years ago. But when I went to look for them I couldn’t find them! How horrible! But no need to fret because it gave me a reason to revisit the pattern […]

Beginner Crochet Pumpkin and Jack-o’-Lantern

In the first and second parts of the Working in the round tutorial, I showed you the steps to make a round pumpkin shape. Now, this pumpkin (or Jack-o’-Lantern) needs some detail. If you want to add vertical stitches around to give it a bumpy look then, once you’ve closed the opening in the pumpkin, […]

South Park Pumpkins

I’ve noticed lately that pumpkins are not just carved for Halloween. I’ve seen pumpkins with ombre paint designs, buttons glued on, bows tied around the top, messages painted on, pumpkins painted and decorated to look like Angry Birds, and even a pumpkin used for embroidery. People can get pretty darn creative with how they display the […]