I Heart Pluto

This morning the first thing Jason said to me was, “The New Horizons spacecraft made it to Pluto!” Inside my groggy morning brain nothing happened, I hadn’t had my coffee yet. An hour (and two cups of joe) later I was in awe at how far we’ve come in our space exploration. After a decade […]

Boba Fett Crochet Bag

Happy Star Wars Day! Some of you might have already guessed that the mystery project was indeed a crochet Boba Fett – yay! The idea to make the bag came out of nowhere. One night, before bed, I was brainstorming ideas for May 4th. Jason kept throwing out great, though complicated, ideas like a large […]

Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that Jason is an avid video game player, in particular, games like Starcraft and lately, League of Legends. A few years ago I made him a pair of Zerg slippers – he was a happy man. The slippers have long since been replaced by more sturdy and functional […]

Cutest Little Death Star

On May 4th I posted a pattern for a Death Star pillow and after a reader brought up an issue with the trench stitches, I decided to double check the pattern. I made a very VERY small version and discovered that this reader was right (thank you!!). I adjusted the pattern but then went back and […]