South Park Pumpkin Hats

So, I heard a new South Park game is coming out soon and naturally my thoughts went to the pumpkin hats I made four years ago. But when I went to look for them I couldn’t find them! How horrible! But no need to fret because it gave me a reason to revisit the pattern […]

Crochet Banana Scarf

Friends, I have to start by pointing out how incredibly cold it got in Toronto. Like, -20C eyelashes are frozen together and my face hurts cold. On top of the frigid quality in the air, it’s also a little gloomy. Naturally this weather makes me want to snuggle into something warm which is where this […]

Crochet Bacon and Egg Amigurumi Pattern

One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast are bacon and eggs. Could be from all those lazy Sunday mornings getting up to fry delicious bacon and practice the art of sunny side up eggs with the perfect yolky centre. Actually, if I could eat that everyday I probably would but because I care […]

Flying Pig Crochet Amigurumi

I find flying pigs incredibly funny and super cute, which is why for the longest time I’ve been wanting to make a flying pig crochet amigurumi. Of course, other projects always came up and I would put the flying pig idea on the back burner. It’s funny though, I’ve made regular, plain, old pigs before […]