Chunky Infinity Scarf

If you live in a part of the world where snow and ice have taken over then you’re probably tired of hearing, “OMG. It is SO cold!” I’ll agree that it’s cold but a part of me is waiting, knowing that this weather is just an appetizer. I am a bit scared but it really […]

Crochet Christmas Star Coasters

Our place is starting to look more and more like Christmas – the tree is up, though still looking a little bare, a few Christmas cards have arrived and are on display, and we’ve switched our usual couch cover with a bright red cover. I wanted to add a few more holiday touches and decided […]

Crochet Cactus Pattern

Do you ever wish you could keep plants…without killing them? Wouldn’t an immortal cactus look splendid on your (home) office desk or window ledge? As someone who struggles with sustaining healthy house plants, I can appreciate a cute plant with a bit of resiliency. So if you’re constantly wishing you could add a little green […]

Chunky Purple Infinity Scarf ~ Crochet Pattern

Remember the Apple Scarf Guy? Ever since I saw his lovely scarf I wanted to make a crochet version of the purple infinity scarf and I had this gorgeous chunky Loops and Threads yarn in a deep purple that was perfect for this project. Sadly, I didn’t have enough yarn to make an entire scarf […]