Santa Claus Mason Jar Cosy

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute coffee cup cosies, in particular this Santa coffee cup cosy¬†on Frogging Along. I thought it was so cute and naturally felt inspired to crochet a mason jar version! Santa Claus Mason Jar Cosy For this project I’m using my go-to mason jar cosy crochet pattern to make this […]

Crochet Christmas Tree With Buttons!

At work last week I noticed someone had put up a Christmas garland on their cubicle wall. It was Monday morning and I had just walked into the office so the sight of cheery holiday decor made me smile. It also made me realise it was time to decorate my desk area too! Crochet Christmas […]

Crochet Slipper Boots

When Jay and I went out for dinner last night I was shocked by how cold it suddenly got. I was shivering and I had to keep my jacket on even after we were seated at the Japanese restaurant we went to. Winter is definitely upon us and good thing I finished the crochet boot […]

Chunky Purple Infinity Scarf ~ Crochet Pattern

Remember the Apple Scarf Guy? Ever since I saw his lovely scarf I wanted to make a crochet version of the purple infinity scarf and I had this gorgeous chunky Loops and Threads yarn in a deep purple that was perfect for this project. Sadly, I didn’t have enough yarn to make an entire scarf […]