Hashtag Blanket – Joining Squares

After making all the squares for this blanket it’s finally time to join them together! So exciting! Okay, let’s begin: I like to use a standing stitch to begin but you can also start by making a sl st and chaining 3 (this will count as a dc). Start by taking 2 to 4 squares […]

Hashtag Blanket – The Granny Squares

I think I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I get random project ideas and this one is no exception. Why a hashtag blanket? I’m not sure but hashtags are such a big part of our culture these days that I thought, why not crochet it? I toyed with the idea of hashtag coasters or a purse […]

Sun Mandala

I’m still working on more mandalas for my Mandala Wall Art project and I finally managed to write down the pattern for this beauty: Sun Mandala The original pattern for this mandala was very briefly written down, while I drank wine and watched Sherlock, so of course I was way too distracted and the instructions […]

Mandala Wall Art – Still a WIP

Remember that mandala wall art project I started two months ago? Well, I’m happy to announce that…it’s almost done! I know, I really thought this would be done but after seeing what the mandalas look like on the wall I want to make more. This is what it looks like so far: As you can see, […]