5 Turkeys You Don’t Have To Cook

It’s been over a month since Canadian Thanksgiving, which means I’m no longer sick of eating turkey, in fact after finding these crochet gems I am craving turkey. I’m very tempted to celebrate Thanksgiving again just to cook a giant bird with all the fixings. If you are celebrating and you don’t feel like cleaning, […]

Crochet Mini Pumpkin

Suddenly the air is crisp, the leaves are turning orange, and PSLs (Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes) are in bloom. It’s that period between Thanksgiving and Halloween when Canadians get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and at Pops de Milk HQ we are not immune to this. In fact, we’ve decided October is our favourite […]

Chunky Purple Infinity Scarf ~ Crochet Pattern

Remember the Apple Scarf Guy? Ever since I saw his lovely scarf I wanted to make a crochet version of the purple infinity scarf and I had this gorgeous chunky Loops and Threads yarn in a deep purple that was perfect for this project. Sadly, I didn’t have enough yarn to make an entire scarf […]

Science Rules! Crochet Candy Corn Rat

Little Sister Sue and I are working our way through every episode of Adventure Time, starting from the very beginning, and we’re currently at season three. The episode that inspired this pattern is called From Bad To Worse where there is a candy zombie outbreak and Finn and Jake must figure out the zombie formula […]