Crochet Colour Spill Coasters

Suddenly it feels like summer, as though spring got bored of being springy and jumped straight into humid heat. I really don’t want to complain (yet) because I did moan and groan about how cold it was this winter but, it’s hot out there! It’s so hot that as soon as I add ice to […]

Crochet Christmas Star Coasters

Our place is starting to look more and more like Christmas – the tree is up, though still looking a little bare, a few Christmas cards have arrived and are on display, and we’ve switched our usual couch cover with a bright red cover. I wanted to add a few more holiday touches and decided […]

Minion Bottle Cosy

Every now and then, when I check on my site stats, I like to see the search terms people use that bring them to my blog. I see the usual “free skull crochet pattern” or “cute amigurumi dolphin pattern” and some times the terms are a little more random like “how to take pics of […]

Summerlicious Crochet Coasters

It was brought to my attention by my very responsive body that I wasn’t drinking enough water or hydrating liquids. I would usually start my day with a glass of water before my two cups of wonderful, delicious coffee. And that was pretty much it until noon. In the afternoon I would have another glass […]