Pretty In Pink Crochet Christmas Tree

Originally this pattern revisit started out with a dark green yarn. So how did the tree end up pink? That, my friends, is a frustrating and sad tale of not backing up video and photo files. Naturally I didn’t have any more green yarn to make another tree. The thought of undoing everything was a […]

2014 Pops de Milk Christmas Tree!

I have added the final touch to the tree – a fabric chain garland. And now, after much crafting, humming and hawing over patterns and ideas, putting up and taking down ornaments, scavenging the apartment for things to use as ornaments, buying a real tree (my first!) I present… *Drum roll* 2014 Pops de Milk Christmas Tree! […]

Crochet Tree Ornaments – Tree WIP

“Less than a week left before Christmas and my tree isn’t fully decorated!” That is the thought that kept circling around my head all day. And good thing because it gave me the boost I needed to get down to business and finish making my ornaments. I realised halfway through putting up the few ornaments […]

Christmas Tree WIP

So, I mentioned in the last post that I’m making my own Christmas Tree ornaments and/or looking for random objects to use for decoration. Last night I found the perfect random Christmas Tree ornament: Cutest Little Death Star Christmas Tree Ornament! That’s right, the mini Death Star has made its way into the plastic branches […]