Crochet Bacon Blanket

In the history of the world, few foods have come close to ranking higher in preference than bacon – at least that’s the impression I get when I’ve gone to breakfast buffets and all the bacon is gone. Even when I’ve tried going on a strict vegetarian diet, I’ve found ways to make bacon out […]

5 Turkeys You Don’t Have To Cook

It’s been over a month since Canadian Thanksgiving, which means I’m no longer sick of eating turkey, in fact after finding these crochet gems I am craving turkey. I’m very tempted to celebrate Thanksgiving again just to cook a giant bird with all the fixings. If you are celebrating and you don’t feel like cleaning, […]

Hashtag Blanket – Joining Squares

After making all the squares for this blanket it’s finally time to join them together! So exciting! Okay, let’s begin: I like to use a standing stitch to begin but you can also start by making a sl st and chaining 3 (this will count as a dc). Start by taking 2 to 4 squares […]