Crochet Banana Slippers

Banana time! I’ve put together the crochet banana slippers pattern into a PDF that is now available for purchase in the shop. And remember, until February 29, get 25% off a pattern purchase using promo code love2016!

Banana Slippers – Part 1

Yes, you read the title correctly. Banana. Slippers. A few months back I designed baby booties for the book Creature Feetures and I remember thinking, as I gazed lovingly at the adorable slippers I had made, “I really wish these came in my size.” Once the thought was in my head I knew I wouldn’t be able […]

Crochet Banana Scarf

Friends, I have to start by pointing out how incredibly cold it got in Toronto. Like, -20C eyelashes are frozen together and my face hurts cold. On top of the frigid quality in the air, it’s also a little gloomy. Naturally this weather makes me want to snuggle into something warm which is where this […]