Dave the Minion Crochet Pattern

Bright yellow, potato-shaped, gibberish-speaking creatures that are easily excited. What’s not cute about that? I didn’t know until one of Jay’s co-workers asked if I would crochet a Minion for him. I watched both Despicable Me movies and instantly fell in love with the Minions. LOVE those Minions. Dave the Minion Crochet Amigurumi I came […]

Mortimer the Manta Ray

I woke up today with the idea that I had heard the melodious drops of melting snow. I wonder if it was a dream I had where suddenly the air was warm and winter had finally come to an end. But when I got up the snow was still undisturbed and looking as comfortable ever, […]

Cutest Little Crochet Sperm Whale

It seems that after making the giant squid I fell into a sort of obsession with wanting to make more sea creatures. I think maybe it has to do with our trip to Hawaii where we spent a lot of time in the ocean, swimming with the fishes, turtles, dolphins, and manta rays. I knew […]

Giant-ish Squid

Oh boy do I have exciting news for you! Or at least, those of you who were hoping to make your very own giant squid. If you’ll recall I blogged about this nautical monstrosity a few months back but of course I didn’t really keep track of stitches as I went along so no pattern […]