Quick and Easy Adventure Time Mouse Pad

Pops de Milk - DIY Cloth Mouse Pad

Did you know you can make your own mouse pad? Okay maybe you did but did you know you just need fabric, craft foam, and glue? In just minutes I made a quick and easy Adventure Time mouse pad, how awesome is that? Want to make one yourself? Grab your materials and let’s get started!

Quick and Easy Adventure Time Mouse Pad

-1 sheet of 18″ x 11.75″ or 2 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ craft foam in color of choice
-fabric of your choice, I got this cute Adventure Time fabric at Spoonflower
-iron and surface to iron on
-glue gun and glue stick
-waterbase glue, like Mod Podge
-shape or form to use as outline, like an iPad or existing mouse pad

For this mouse pad DIY here’s what you have to do:

If using one large sheet of foam, fold it in half and if using 2 sheets, place one on top of the other. Grab your chosen item to use as an outline and with a pencil/chalk/eyeliner (just kidding!) trace it on the foam.

Cut both pieces of foam – one will be covered in the fabric and the other will be glued on the bottom so it hides the fabric edges and to make it sturdier.

I like to iron my fabric first so there are no wrinkles or creases. If your fabric is already smooth and wrinkle-free you can skip this step and move on to…cutting the fabric! Use one of the foam pieces to guide you in making an outline. For the fabric I added about 1/2″ space all around so I would have enough fabric to fold over.

In my (unfortunate) first attempt I discovered that fusible web, fabric, and foam will fuse extremely well, so well that the foam melted a bit much and created ridges of excess fabric on the surface. I suggest sticking (har har) with regular glue. Place the first foam piece in the centre of the fabric and with Mod Podge or glue of choice sponge the glue along the edge, fold the fabric over and glue in place. Press down and don’t be stingy with the glue!

Heat up your glue gun and when ready apply glue along all edges. Plop the second foam piece on top, make sure it’s nice and straight, and press down along the edges. Some glue may ooze out so just wipe it but be careful to not burn your fingers.

Admire your brand new mouse pad!

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