Lemongrab Stress Ball

A few months ago I came across a crochet lemon pattern by Twinkie Chan – she made the lemon stress ball last April for Stress Awareness Month – and like with most patterns I saved it with the intention to use it “some day.” It would be perfect for a Lemongrab stress ball!

For some time I’ve been wanting to crochet Lemongrab. He’s probably one of the most disliked AT characters and yet, we’re so amused by him. My sister and I like to quote him when we’re frustrated or displeased with something – his gestures really express what true annoyance is like. It’s all very amusing but at the same time we do feel bad for him. Why is Lemongrab always so stressed out? Why does everything make him tick?

Suddenly the creative wheels in my head started turning. With April being Stress Awareness Month it made sense to crochet Lemongrab! There have been some instances where Lemongrab has experienced joy and pleasure as a result of someone being kind to him, instances where Lemongrab utters the word, “Acceptable.” He just needs a squeeze of love!

Lemongrab Stress Ball - Pops de Milk 2

I made this Lemongrab stress ball for the times when I feel frustrated and the squeeze of a pleased-looking Lemongrab can help to not stress out.

To make the stress ball I followed Twinkie Chan’s pattern but I used a different yarn (Loops & Threads Ring Spun in Yellow) and hook size (4.50mm). She mentions in her instructions that you can stuff the lemon with polyfil, polybeads, sand, or cornstarch. I decided to go with a balloon filled with cornstarch. If you’re going to try this I recommend enlisting the help of a second set of hands. Also, be prepared for a little mess, which reminds me I spilled cornstarch on Jason’s laptop…

I used scrap pieces of black and white felt for the eyes and some black embroidery floss for the mouth. For the nose I made a foundation chain of 7, slip stitched in the second chain and each chain across, and finished with a single crochet in the last chain, then sewed on to the lemon.

Lemongrab Stress Ball - Pops de Milk

The end result is a pretty awesome Lemongrab stress ball! This is so great not only for emotional stress relief but also for wrist and hand stress relief, especially after crocheting for a long time.

Lemongrab Stress Ball - Pops de Milk 1

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    Nah, not really, this craft is totally, mmmmmm acceptable (I sincerely hope you read that last bit in Lemongrab’s voice)

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