South Park Pumpkins

I’ve noticed lately that pumpkins are not just carved for Halloween. I’ve seen pumpkins with ombre paint designs, buttons glued on, bows tied around the top, messages painted on, pumpkins painted and decorated to look like Angry Birds, and even a pumpkin used for embroidery. People can get pretty darn creative with how they display the different-sized orange squash and I am no different.

I bought a bag of mini pumpkins several weeks ago and they sat on the coffee table collecting dust while I hummed and hawed about how to decorate them. The Angry Birds idea I came across was so incredibly awesome that I almost did that but then hesitated because my pumpkins were on the flat and squat side, not great for Angry Birds. I also didn’t want to pull out my paints and make a big production out of it. Yes, to my lazy self, that is a big production.

A few days went by and during those days I watched the South Park Halloween Specials on Netflix and I thought, “Maybe my pumpkins can dress up as Kyle, Stan, and Cartman.”

Hehe 😀

Now that my pumpkins are dressed I need to figure what I’m going to dress up as for Halloween!


2 thoughts on “South Park Pumpkins

  1. OMG! pumpkin cozies!! Why didn’t I think of that? I love that you made them South Park hats 🙂 You’ve got my wheels turning. I may have to create some of my own! Found you via Craftgawker and am your newest follower. -Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

    PS – This is so ironic…. I just realized you were inspired by my Angry Birds Pumpkins. How crazy is that?!

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